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At F&M, our law team is aware that each and every case, or potential case, is actually a puzzle that has its own possible set of solutions. Invariably, we try to dig in at the earliest phase of our involvement in a project to determine the most effective way to achieve the preferred resolution our client seeks. While it is not always feasible to dispose of a problem immediately, we always try hard to strategize with our clients – whether corporate employer or individual employee – to assess whether we can arrive at an early resolution.

We often consider some type of early dispute resolution – perhaps a face-to-face meeting to clarify the other side’s position and to explain our client’s; or a mediation before a lawsuit has been filed; or targeted depositions to flesh out and develop key evidence; or a voluntary early settlement efforts with or without the court’s involvement. The list of options we consider undertaking is varied and tactical.

Often, by jointly assessing the employment scenario with our client, we are able to give advice that will successfully define and resolve the problem – before litigation ensues. Obviously, each case is different and there are myriad factors that affect our approach and the outcome.

Representative Clients

Over the years, we have represented clients in virtually every industry or business group – country clubs, restaurants, non-profits, Native American tribes, homeowners’ associations, radio and television stations, hospitals, banks, insurance agencies, agricultural enterprises, automobile dealerships, contractors, developers, physicians, dentists, architects and accountant groups, entrepreneurs, colleges, publishers, and retail establishments.

These clients receive our up-front and pro-active advice and counsel regarding such myriad legal issues as: wrongful discharge, discrimination cases, whistleblower and retaliation claims, sexual harassment, disability discrimination and reasonable accommodation, Family and Medical Leave Act matters, public policy cases, wage and hour class actions, labor union arbitrations and negotiations, tribal labor relations, employment contracts, defamation and employment torts, trade secrets litigation and more.

We take pride in being called on to consult with clients to try to solve their legal problems before they become exacerbated.

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